I'm a Nut for Coconut Oil!

I love coconut, from cake to cookies,ice cream and frozen concoctions I am always ready for a bit of coconut but what I didn't realize was how great coconut oil can be for us. 


While gathering information for my last blog post I found out about the amazing healing properties that coconut oil possesses. I am just blown away at the number of things it can be used for. Treating illnesses, skin disorders,mouth wash, weight loss and numerous other things including beauty treatments. So I have decided to try a few things out and blog about the results of the use. So here is a list of the things I have tried Coconut Oil for and how I thought it worked. It should be noted here that if you have an allergy to tree nuts you will most likely NOT have a reaction to coconut oil. It has a very low incidence rate of allergic reaction so if that was a concern, be concerned no longer! There is also some contriversy over weather or not coconut oil is a good part of your diet, both sides seem very passionate and convincing! You will have to decide that one for yourself  BUT cosmetically speaking  it seems to be wonderful! 


Coconut Oil as eye makeup remover ~

Let me tell you something I am nothing if not picky about eye makeup remover. I don't want to spend 30 minutes trying to get off that waterproof mascara! So when I read about using it as eye makeup remover I was skeptical at best. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it worked just as well as my M.A.C. eye makeup remover but without all the chemicals. At $13.00 for a pound it more than pays for its self in usefulness if you even only used at as eye makeup remover. So A + on this one!


Coconut Oil as Moisturizer ~

Whaaa? seriously oil on my face to moisturize? Give me a break, that sounds really gross. But again surprised that when applied lightly it works really nicely. I wouldn't put it on just before makeup but I would use it at night before bed for sure. The really great thing about this is that it has antibacterial properties so it can actually prevent you from getting pimples by killing bacteria on your skin.  A+ on this one too! 


Lip conditioner ~

I already recommended it in my previous blog but I thought it was worth another mention. Mixed with brown sugar coconut oil does a nice job perfecting that pout and giving you soft kissable lips. so pucker up ladies and kiss a coconut, you will thank me later.


Mouthwash ~

I have to admit, it was at this point I wondered if I had started using brain bleach instead of coconut oil because honestly I can't imagine that I would ever be doing this. This technique is called "oil pulling" Basically the idea is that (and this has been tested and proven) if you swish the coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes YES 20 minutes it will remove toxins from your body. The article I found off google suggests 20-25 minutes and I wonder my Maven fans who in the world has 20 minutes every day that they don't need to speak? Well I found that 20 minutes and gave it a shot. I don't know if it does everything they claimed mostly because I am a Maven of Makeovers NOT science but it wasn't terrible it tasted good and the science is already behind it. Again with its antibacterial properties it doesn't seem far fetched that this would work. Apparently this works beautifully accompanied with a body cleans so if are jumping on that band wagon give the oil pulling a shot it couldn't hurt. 


Coconut Oil for Cooking ~

Yes you will be happy to know that the Makeover Maven you know and love is a good cook! So when I heard how good the fats in this oil is for your body I swiftly replaced my cooking oils with coconut oil. You will be happy to know that we could not tell a difference in taste when using this oil instead of butter when cooking eggs,olive oil when cooking yellow rice or any other dish. I haven't used anything but coconut oil in a week. Coconut oil has so many health benefits when taken orally that I cannot list them all and will again send you to the link above.


In addition to the things above I spoke to a woman last Sunday who said she uses it for her baby daughters diaper rash and LOVES the result. Because of the anti fungal properties in coconut oil it can be used to treat yeast infections that are typically the cause of a diaper rash. 


Hair Conditioner ~

It really is a nice hair moisturizer. Apply it wet or dry and you will have some shiny beautiful hair that smells a bit like coconut!  I should tell you that I have heard it works wonders for skin conditions like psoriasis from people who actually have the disorder. With so many different wonderful uses you should pick up and pound and try it out. Google coconut oil to find more information on the many amazing uses for coconut oil.

I am interested to hear from you! If you tried any of these ideas or anything others, how did it work?

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