Spoil Your Skin Beautiful!

While I do a lot of makeup and hair that is really NOT natural I also am passionate about the health of skin and hair. So today I am going to go over the proper way to give your skin some love to keep it beautiful and health for a long time. 

The Goddess of pure basic beauty routine ~

You do not have to spend a fortune to take good care of your skin at home. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing and really costly skin care lines out there that ARE better than the rest. But today we are keeping it simple, so for the sake of low cost skin care (I will go into more costly methods another time) I am not going to name drop $50.00 facial cleansers. So if I had to pick I would say you need three  basic items to care for your skin,not including eye makeup remover that is a given. That isn't bad either because it truly is the first thing people see when they meet you.  


Wash your face morning and night...ok mom geez~

Well there are different schools of thought on this issue. I personally wash morning and night, but I also use a very mild cleanser. If your cleanser is more harsh or medicated for certain skin issues you might want to invest in a more mild cleanser for the am wash routine. In the morning a fast pass will do and wash the sleep off your face to help you wake up. In the evening it is important that you do two passes over your face. Once to remove makeup and debris and one to truly cleanse the face. 

Tone it down!~  

Now some people really love a toner and some people not so much. I would never recommend a harsh toner and you know who you are * cough sea breeze cough*. Those can be filled with very drying agents, even if you have oily skin these can cause a problem because it dries out your skin so much that causes your body to produce more oil. For those of you with dry skin I don't think I need to explain to you why this can be a bad idea so I will let common sense take control here. 


But you don't have to be tone deaf up in this hizzy there are a lot of really awesome gentle toners out there. Now I think my most favorite would be baking soda, it will neutralize the ph of your skin and keep it neutral for a good long time. That IS the point of a toner anyway, Simply mix a little with water and apply. Rinse it off and you are done! all for $.65.

Soft Spoken says a lot~ 

Soft skin is a sign of youthfulness so of course we all want soft smooth skin, moisturizing morning and night is recommended to maintain the health of your skin. I would defiantly say that if you are over say 25 you should use two different moisturizers,one at night and one for during the day. Why? because we want to give out face all the kisses of goodness it needs in the evening but also need to protect it during the day. There is no need to apply a moisturizer with sunscreen before you go to bed. My suggestion? Coconut oil or your favorite night cream. During the day something with an SPF is an absolutely must, if you are not doing that you might as well do nothing because your poor skin will look old long before it should if you are not protecting it from the sun.


Expose yourself~ 

Want a little extra lovin'? Well that never hurt anyone but take it easy. If you are ex-foliating more than two times a week you might be over doing it. Ex-foliating is the perfect way to keep your skin youthful and healthy by getting rid of all those dead skin cells to expose the beautiful healthy skin that is just below that mask of yuckiness. There are two different types of ex-foliation chemical (peels and enzymes) and manual (scrubs)  Stay clear of any ex-foliators that use pits of fruit or sand because these are to harsh for you skin and can cause scarring on the under layers of the dermis that you will not even see for 5-10 years. Stick to micro-beads, and sugar scrubs for the best results in the manual catagory.If you would like a chemical ex-foliant you can go to an  esthetician for a really good deep peel to remove several layers of acne scarring and sun damage OR you can get a simple enzyme peel for use at home that is much more gentle and can be used two times a week.  Follow the directions carefully to protect your delicate skin from harm and remember to be gentle while doing ex-foliation at home.


If you have any questions about skin care or the best choices for you, please feel free to comment below and I will answer your questions.

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