The Makeover Maven's mission is to help each bride achieve a natural look with a radiant glow. We believe that a bride should look like the most beautiful version of herself - not someone else. From start to finish, our team will help each member of the bridal party create a flawless, photo-ready look that lasts.


Doing your own hair and makeup for your wedding is comprised of shaky hands from nerves, rooms filled with bubbling friends and family surrounding you, bags full of make-up and products you might forget behind, and not being able to acheive the look you saw in the magazine you just HAVE to have, and the risk of appearing washed out in photographs...that certainly sounds like a day you won't soon forget all right!


Now take a deep breathe and let us paint the picture of The Makeover Maven and her team on site!  Clean and organized room, either in your suite or a hospitality suite at the venue, a team of the most talented and fun gals arriving early with their arsenal of imagery tools.  You sipping a glass of sparkling water (or champagne...cough, cough) surrounded by your friends - all of whom are relaxed and getting pampered at their stations while you laugh about the good old days, and finally...your unveiling as the most beautiful, polished and romantic that you've ever looked, in a style and color palette that exentuates your natural beauty. Now THAT is what memories are made of!

  • Exquisite and Creative Hair Styling
    • Clean, modern Up-Dos
    • Blow-outs & straightening
    • Soft curls in a semi or fully down style
    • Loose and low buns at the nape of the neck or to the side
    • Professinoal integration of Broches, Veils, Clips, Tiaras and Flowers.
  • Flawless and Romantic Makeup
    • Honeymoon Lashes (Click for info)
    • Expert blemish concealing
    • Professional cosmetic application
  • Mini Manis/Pedis
    • Conditioning of hands and nails
    • Shaping and polishing of natural nails/toes